Visual Arts


Mr. David L. Bradley

  • BFA Painting/ La. Tech University.
  • MFA Ceramics/University of North Texas

Courses Taught:
  • Art161 Ceramics 1
  • Art162 Ceramics 2
  • Art261 Ceramics 3
  • Art262 Ceramics 4
  • Art290GC Art Studio/Ceramics

Teaching/Research Interests:
  • Study Abroad
  • Integration of Intercultural/International Education information into the Fine Arts curricula
  • Fine Arts as behavioral therapy

Teaching Philosophy:
  • The arts provide a means by which an individual can reshape their own strategies for dealing with stress, trauma and identity, among other things. The Arts are for everyone who wishes to expand their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Professional Activities:
  • PVCC residential faculty since 2004.
  • NACCE recognition for excellence in teaching 2018
  • Fulbright-Hays Faculty Development Program participant 2017
  • East-West Center Fellowship 2007
Adria Pecora

  • MFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • BS, Skidmore College

Courses Taught:
  • Drawing (Art 111); (Art 122); (Art 211); (Art 222)
  • Life Drawing (Art 116); (Art 117); (Art 216); (Art 217)
  • Painting (Art 167); (Art 168); (Art 267); (Art 268)
  • Special Projects (Art 290)
  • The Portfolio (Art 255ab)
  • Art Beyond the Classroom (Art 105)
  • Gallery Operations (Art 106)
  • History of Modern Art (Arh 112)
  • History of Photography (Art 115)

Teaching/Research Interests:
  • Painting, Drawing, Digital printmaking.

Teaching Philosophy:
  • I am committed to outreach and aspire to connect to students of all ages and from all walks of life and to support an unusually broad range of aesthetics and ambitions.

Professional Activities:
  • PVCC Residential faculty since 2005.
Kaori Fujitani

  • MFA, Studio Arts (Ceramics), Arizona State University
  • BS, Biology of Natural Resources, Genetics, University of California, Berkeley

Courses Taught:

Teaching/Research Interests:
  • I find it rewarding to research new assignments for each semester. Mine are designed for all students in a multiple-level class conducted at the same time. These assignments are open ended and offer each student to approach the assignment with self-defined goals. Each assignment is either form-based, where students are encouraged to interpret a given form in their own way, or concept-based, where a theme or broad idea is fulfilled by the student within the scope of instruction. New assignments each semester also help engage continuing students to look at their own making of ceramic objects in fresh contexts, learn new techniques, and better understand ceramic materials where ceramics becomes an ongoing journey.
  • For my own work I enjoy the research of surface design. This research may be entirely process based, such as in wood firing; or it might involve working with varied surfaces treatments using a combination of materials applied at different stages in the making of a ceramic object. Much of my work takes its inspiration from 15th century Japanese ceramics called Oribe. I consider my work a contemporary expressions of this lineage. I also enjoy exploring the narrative in my sculptural work. Ideas are embedded in ceramic objects by using ceramic materials to draw on its surface or even incorporating non-ceramic materials with the sculpture.

Teaching Philosophy:
  • I believe that an educator is a facilitator helping students learn to frame their own questions in studio art practice. Over fifteen years of college and university level teaching have shown me the importance of encouraging the student to become invested in their own learning, or in other words, students taking responsibility for their own learning. This focus creates a more learner-centered environment where students are anticipating what more they can learn from situations. To meet this challenge, I try to vary my approach, expecting students to participate actively in lectures, discussions, and group activities, as well as engaging in their studio work. I try to know my students as individuals, because that is how I can help them tap into their innate knowledge. More than anything, I see teaching as a process of encouraging students to find the connections between personal experience and subject matter. Students need more than delivery of information. Together, we can work collaboratively in fashioning a personal context capable of informing the ways they use processes and materials.

Professional Activities:
  • I am a juried exhibiting member of ceramic artists associated with the annual open studio tour sponsored by the Arizona State Art Museum's Ceramic Research Center.
  • I have been member of the National Council for Education in Ceramic Arts.
Anne Howey

  • BFA-Painting, Arizona State University
  • MFA-Painting, Arizona State University

Courses Taught:
  • Drawing I ART111
  • Drawing II ART122
  • Drawing III ART211
  • Drawing IV ART222
  • Color ART113
  • Painting ART167
  • Portfolio ART255AB

Teaching/Research Interests:
  • Painting, drawing, design

Teaching Philosophy:
  • Emphasis on both classical techniques and experimental materials/styles.

Professional Activities:
  • PVCC Adjunct Faculty since 2005
Ms. Saskia Jorda

  • MFA, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
  • BFA, Drawing/Painting, Arizona State University, AZ

Courses Taught:
  • Foundation Drawing I (ART111), II (ART122) & III (ART211)
  • Textiles I (ART277)
  • Studio Art (ART290)

Teaching/Research Interests:
  • Drawing, Textiles/Fibers, Installation Art

Teaching Philosophy:
  • Hands-on, experiential learning.

Professional Activities:
  • PVCC - Adjunct Faculty since 2012
  • Phoenix College - Adjunct Faculty since 2012

  • BA, Studio Art, Bethany College, West Virginia
  • MFA, Ceramics, University of Dallas, Texas.

Courses Taught:
  • Ceramics I--ART 161
  • Ceramics II--ART 162
  • Ceramics III--ART 261
  • Ceramics IV--ART 262
  • Three Dimensional Design--ART 115

Teaching/Research Interests:
  • Studio Ceramics.
  • Pottery and sculpture.
  • Clay and glaze calculation.
  • Kiln building and design.

Teaching Philosophy:

As an artist-educator, I strive to:

  • Provide an inviting learning environment.
  • Be an accessible partner in learning.
  • Support individual growth in each student.
  • Cultivate a community in the classroom that connects to the larger world.

Professional Activities:
  • PVCC (adjunct 2017-present)
  • SMCC (adjunct 2015-present)
Mr. Alvin Sieve

  • ASoc, University of Cincinnati

Courses Taught:
  • Art 131,142, 143, 234, 236, 290MC

Teaching/Research Interests:
  • Help students to SEE!

Teaching Philosophy:
  • Get it right in the camera!

Professional Activities:
  • Long time professional photographer with over 3000 images published. Over 1000 students in last 20 years

  • B.F.A. Painting;
  • M.F.A. Studio Art

Courses Taught:
  • 2D Basic Design
  • Drawing - all levels
  • Figure Drawing - all levels
  • Watercolor
  • Illustration
  • Photography - both Film and Digital
  • Humanities, Art History

Teaching/Research Interests:
  • I have been a Professional artist / educator since the 1970’s having apprenticed with Italian Artist Manlio (Guberti) from 1972 in Italy. I have been a professional educator since 1975, having first taught in the Stockton Art Troupe, Stockton, California: 1975. I was awarded a Graduate Teaching Assistantship Scholarship at Louisiana Tech University in 1980 receiving a Masters of Fine Arts in Studio Art in 1982. I am a photographer and approach that medium in dynamic ways: photographic montages, multi exposures, photo – serigraphy, scanned drawings with juxtapositioning of imagery combining collage and montage techniques. My creative process has taken me to Lens less Pure Light Photographic Design. As an artist ‘Pure light Photographic Design’ has become the next step in the creative process, unencumbered without reference accept to pure elements and definitive ‘Photo’ - ‘Graphing.’

Teaching Philosophy:
  • My teaching approach is based on mimetic assimilation and understanding the basics of the technological aspects of light and its documentation coupled with the history of art / photography and the principles and elements of design. In Teaching art, I look at the history of culture and its interpretation based on replicating nature while creativity includes artistic creations as a form of imitation, time documentation, and looking within. This exists in relationship to the function of art and visualization possibilities through cognitive learning.

Professional Activities:

08/13 – Present - Adjunct Professor of Art – Paradise Valley Community College- Digital Photography; Art History
01/13 – 05 / 2013: ARTIST – IN – RESIDENCE – Paradise Valley Community College (Juried Invitational) Spring Semester 2013 - ‘Paradise Found’ mixed media collage
08/2011– 05/2014: Adjunct Professor of Art - Estrella Mountain Community College- Avondale, AZ

  • Photography - Art 131 – 132; Special projects: Art 298
  • Art History
  • Design

05/30/11 – 06/30/11: Lead instructor / Master Artist – West Valley Art Council - Gallery 37 program – Surprise, AZ. in conjunction with Estrella Mountain Community College- Avondale, AZ

  • Public art development program for emerging artists
  • Educational/artistic coordinator for facilitation: Design: historical, conceptualization presentation processes
  • 2nd Alumni Invitational Biennial - University of Louisiana (invitation to participate in exhibition honoring retirement a professor of painting Robert G Ward) – Monroe, Louisiana – 2009
  • ‘Drawn’ – Shemer Art Center and Museum –Phoenix, Arizona – 2009 - 2010
  • Fall edition- ‘The Human Condition ‘BLUE GUITAR MAGAZINE – Rebecca Dyer publisher - Tucson, AZ – 2011

Select Exhibitions

  • Glendale Community College – Retrospect KIP SUDDUTH: Time, Texture, Tenets Oct 2015
  • Foto Five – West Valley Art Museum – Peoria, AZ Jan 9 – March 9 2017
  • Extraordinary Expression Trinity Cathedral – Olney Gallery – Phoenix, AZ – June 2017

International Competitions

  • Nominee for the International Color Award – Abstract 2017
  • Nominee for the Black Spider Awards in Black and White Photography > Nature and Abstract - 2018