BS, Psychology, Arizona State University

Courses Taught:

Paramedic Education (PME)

Teaching/Research Interests:

Paramedicine (Cardiology, Pharmacology, Patient Assessment)

Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that every student can succeed in Paramedicine regardless of prior EMS experience levels. My mission as an educator is to serve as guide to my students as they achieve their goals.

Professional Activities:

PVCC (Residential Faculty since 2021)

David Sanchez

  • Bachelor of Science Emergency Services Management
  • Associate of Applied Science Paramedicine, Arizona State Certified Emergency Paramedic

Courses Taught:
  • Emergency Medical Technology (EMT 104)
  • Emergency Medical Technology (EMT 200)
  • Basic Life Support for Emergency Responders (EMT 101)
  • Fire Department Operations (FSC102)
  • Fire Ground Survival (FSC175).

Teaching/Research Interests:
  • Emergency Response and allied fields

Teaching Philosophy:
  • To provide assistance in the development of the next generation of emergency responders.

Professional Activities:
  • PVCC Residential Faculty since 2000
Kevin Taussig

  • BA, Public Administration, Northern Arizona University

Courses Taught:
  • Refresher Course for Certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT 200)
  • Basic Life Support (EMT 101)
  • Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (EMT 272AA)
  • Basic ECG Analysis and Interpretation in the Emergency Setting (EMT 235)
  • 12-Lead ECG Analysis (EMT 249)
  • Pharmacology in the Emergency Setting (EMT 236)
  • Advanced Emergency Medical Technology (EMT 272AB)
  • Medical Terminology of Healthcare Workers (HCC 145)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (EMT 240)
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (EMT 242)
  • Advanced Trauma Patient Management (EMT 246)
  • Advanced Emergency Medical Technology Practicum (EMT 272LL)

Teaching/Research Interests:

State Emergency Medical Services education initiatives
National Emergency Medical Services education initiatives
Professional development
Program accreditation
MCCD Leadership Council
MCCD EMS Instructional Council

Teaching Philosophy:
  • Emergency Medical Service education

Professional Activities:
  • PVCC (adjunct faculty 2008-2018)
  • PVCC (residential faculty since 2018)
  • Arizona State EMS education initiatives
  • National EMS education initiatives