Dual Enrollment

Frequently Asked Questions

Dual enrollment is an opportunity for eligible high school students to earn lower-division college credit while in their regular high school classes. The credits students earn through dual enrollment are treated the same as regular college credit, i.e. they can be transferred to other Maricopa Community Colleges, Arizona’s state universities, and many out-of-state colleges.

Dual enrollment classes are based on the grade students receive in the class; if they pass (with a grade of C or better), they earn the credit. Receiving college credit in AP classes is dependent upon earning an adequate score on the AP test at the end of the year.

Dual enrollment classes meet at the high school during the regular high school day and are taught by college certified, high school instructors using a college curriculum and textbook. The high school agrees to accept these courses toward a student’s high school completion. Concurrent enrollment classes meet at the college or online and are not affiliated with the high school. Students need prior approval from their high school counselor if they want concurrent courses to help satisfy high school requirements.

Since you’re already in the class, why not get college credit for it? You can also save money through community college tuition rates and having your textbooks provided by your high school.

Dual enrollment students must be attending a participating high school and meet the general eligibility requirement of meeting proficiency on the AZMerit or PSAT 93 or SAT 930 or ACT 22 or completion of the Reading Accuplacer test. English and math classes require a qualifying placement test score.

The in-state, in-county tuition rate is $85 (in-state) per credit hour. There is an additional $15 registration fee per semester for each college you do dual enrollment through. (Tuition is subject to change.)

PVCC representatives will distribute enrollment packets to DE instructors during the month of August and January. Students will need to complete the enrollment packet and have any placement testing completed in advance of course registration. Students may return these documents to their instructor, or in person to the PVCC Black Mountain campus.

Some classes require placement testing, which is administered on-site at the PVCC Black Mountain campus. Placement tests are available Monday-Thursday from 1pm-5pm. Last time to start a test is 4pm.

Students are allowed to take the placement test again 24 hours after the original test. A third test is allowed no sooner than three months from the first test date. A fourth test will be allowed no earlier than two years after the first test date.

If you don’t pay your tuition by the payment deadline, a debt will incur and a hold will be placed on your account, which will prevent any further enrollment and access to other college services. The only way to remove this hold is to pay your tuition in full or sign up for a monthly payment plan, if it’s still available. Dual enrollment students will not be automatically dropped for nonpayment after the payment deadline.

I’m trying to set up my online student account, but I get this message. How do I continue? One solution is to only fill out the information marked as required: Social Security Number, Date of Birth, First Name and Last Name. You can leave the Middle Name blank or just use your middle initial. If you are still having trouble, contact our Help Desk at 1-888-994-4433 for information on other options.

Students are responsible for a communication sent to your Maricopa email. You can forward your Maricopa email to an email account you frequently check.

Think of your MEID as your user name to access online services with the college. You’ll use this to log in to my.maricopa.edu and access your student email. Your college ID number is used to identify your unique student account: if you call us about issues or call our Cashier’s Office to make a payment, this is the number you should have on hand so we can access your account as fast as possible. Here’s how to tell the difference between the two:

  • Your MEID will usually start with the first three letters of your first name, followed by seven numbers.
  • Your college ID number is eight digits long, contains no letters, and will always begin with the number 3.

For your MEID: go to my.maricopa.edu, click the Student Center icon and then click the “Forgot MEID?” link.

For your college ID number: go to my.maricopa.edu, click on the Student Center icon, then log in with your MEID and password. Scroll down to the Personal Information section and click “Demographic Data.” The first item listed next to ID is your college ID number.