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Employee link to 25Live Reservation System  - The 25Live Event Portal functions best with Firefox or Chrome.  Internet Explorer is not recommended.

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Paradise Valley Community College Facility Use - Philosophy of Use

  • It is a policy of PVCC to maximize the use of PVCC facilities with teaching and learning given the highest priority and all other uses being secondary.
  • Divisions/Departments are given first priority.
  • Use of PVCC facilities by the public is welcomed and encouraged.
  • The appropriate division/department or administrator will be consulted before facility use is granted to external users.
  • Non-profit educational and community service groups are given priority over for profit organizations/individuals.
  • PVCC reserves the right to refuse use of PVCC facilities to any external entity.

If there's something related to facility use or event planning you're looking for that you did not find, please contact Facility Use.