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Testing Services



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We are a multiple use facility that offers testing services for college course placement (into English, reading and math classes), English as a Second Language, faculty make-up exams, program specific testing, workforce certification, correspondence and eLearning testing. Our goal is to provide quality testing services to our community while ensuring test integrity and providing accurate and complete testing information.


We value and respect our students and recognize their diversity. We always consider the needs of the students to be our top priority. PVCC is a learning-centered institution that adheres to ‘best practices’ and supports programs, initiatives and innovative projects developed within the Maricopa Community College System.

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Testing Locations and Hours

PVCC Main @ Union Hills Testing Center

Building: Kranitz Student Center (KSC)
Room: KSC2400

Phone: 602-787-7050
Email: assessment@paradisevalley.edu

Regular Business Hours:
Mon-Thu: 8 am – 5:30 pm
Fri: 9 am – 5 pm
(Closed Fridays during summer)
Closed Sat and Sun

HESI-A2 tests are given up to 4 ½ hours before closing.
CLEP College Composition tests are given up to 3 hours before closing.
All other CLEP tests are given up to 2 ½ hours before closing.
Writing placements are given up to 1 ½ hours before closing.
Reading and math placements are given up to 1 hour before closing.
Instructor tests are given up to ½ hour before closing.
Proctored exam time limits vary, call for more information.
All tests will be collected at the scheduled closing time.
Click here for a complete schedule of testing hours and closures.

Black Mountain Testing Center

Building: Orion Building

Phone: 602-493-2600

Regular Business Hours:
Mon-Thu: 1pm – 6 pm
Closed Fri, Sat and Sun

Only placement testing given.
No CLEP, Proctored, or Instructor testing.
Tests are given up to one hour prior to closing.

Math Center @ PVCC

Building: Q Building
Phone: 602-787-7740

All math course testing.